Pac-Man™ x Orlinski - An exclusive tribute

Discover the exclusive collaboration between the artist and sculptor Richard Orlinski, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and Neamedia Icons. At 18 cm high, the Pac-Man x Orlinski sculpture is a fantastic tribute to pop culture, retrogaming and the 1980s. For you Pac-Man was just a little yellow dot? Today it is a work of art!

The sculpture is supported by Toru Iwatani, the creator of this video game icon.

This 18 cm version for the general public was made possible through the support of our contributors on Kickstarter who were able to acquire a limited edition during our 2017 campaign.

Two colors available: original yellow and glossy black.

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About the artist: Richard Orlinski

It was in 2004 that Richard Orlinski decided to fully devote himself to art. Imbued with pop-culture, the artist then created a colorful universe inspired by the wildest animals and iconic objects that have marked their generation.

Driven by the will to democratize art by making it accessible to as many people as possible, Richard Orlinski is a passionate person who has been overcome many obstacles, surpass himself so that he can constantly be renewed.

His will to popularize art is also reflected in the desire to elicit an immediate emotion in the young and old alike. A far cry from the diktats of the contemporary art world, the artist’s works speaks volumes on his behalf!

A big thank you to all our contributors on Kickstarter who participated in the launch this wonderful project, and without whom this 18 cm edition would not have been possible! 🙂

Revisiting the Kickstarter campaign


This faceted work of art is the result of a collaboration between the artist Richard Orlinski, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and Neamedia Icons. It was first proposed in the form of crowdfunding.

During this Kickstarter campaign, more than 700 contributors were able to acquire a numbered limited-edition version. The sculpture was then available in 5 versions:

A 25-cm Pac-Man and a 40-cm Pac-Man, both available in bright yellow or gold chrome, as well as a limited edition: an incredible one-meter Pac-Man. These collector’s pieces, limited and numbered editions were exclusively offered on Kickstarter and are no longer available.

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