Naruto – The Epic Ninja Statues

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With the Naruto – The Epic Ninja statues, we want to bring originality to your interiors and pay tribute to the character of Naruto Shippuden.

The 2 statues each represent a mythical pose of the Naruto character and are available in 3 colours: black, white and orange and in 2 poses: one 30cm and one 1m.

Faithful to the original illustrations, the sculptures Naruto – The Epic Ninja Statues come from our Parisian design studio. Designed by a team of enthusiasts who wish to immortalize and share Naruto’s universal values such as courage, perseverance and optimism. They faithfully convey the epic atmosphere of your favorite Anime.

A flagship piece for decoration, whether you are a collector or an amateur.

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Original statues

Born in 1999, Naruto is now returning to the expert hands of Neamedia Icons.

Far from the usual creations of collectible figurines, Neamedia Icons has worked on these statues in the detail of the volume and finesse of the monochrome. If the aim here was to suggest a universe that would pay tribute to the character through his purest form, the bet is successful.

The 2 statues are under official license, numbered, signed and provided with a certificate of authenticity and will delight art collectors and manga fans.

Monochrome and brilliant, these statues are true works of art and designed with great care.


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